Our History

Our Beginnings


Gateway Cathedral started at 51 Oxford Ave. It was then called Gateway Christian Fellowship with a small organizational membership of 6 people.



On Sunday March 7, 2010 Gateway held its first actual church service in the auditorium of the YWCA. We stayed there for 2 years and were fortunate to meet the needs of its residents.

3412 N. Main St.


After spending 2 years at YWCA Gateway leased its first building. This store front building offered great opportunity to serve an under privileged area. Gateway's growth during this period led us to purchase our very first building.

205 N. Williams St.


After experiencing growth at the Main St. location we purchased our very own building. This two room building was the perfect fit for our growing congregation.

5501 Olive Rd.


In order to expand the vision that God gave our leader, Gateway purchased our current edifice. This sprawling 6 acre 24,000 square foot facility was slated to be torn after being abandoned. We have been renovating this facility for the past three years without one loan. You can see pictures under the #renovatethegate tab.